Citizens Advice Sheffield depends on volunteers

Citizens Advice Sheffield provides a range of volunteering opportunities and welcomes people with the time and interest to learn new skills and practice existing ones.

Citizens Advice Sheffield depends on volunteers, however recruitment of new volunteers is limited during the Covid restrictions.

During the Covid emergency, with all our face-to-face services suspended in accordance with Government guidance, we have been concentrating on supporting our existing trained and experienced volunteers to work with clients remotely from home where they have felt they are in a position to do so.  We are very grateful for their commitment and support.

We are now recommencing volunteer recruitment on a small scale and we are looking for volunteers interested in the following role:

We are aiming to recommence volunteer recruitment on a small scale in a few weeks and we will update this site when the position changes.  We anticipate the following roles will become available:

For further information contact volunteering@citizensadvicesheffield.org.uk.



We are not actively recruiting trustees at this time.