Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy

Sheffield Advocacy Hub provides the Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA) service for Sheffield.  Citizens Advice Sheffield also provides IMCA for Doncaster.

What is an IMCA?

  • An IMCA is an independent advocate who must be appointed to support a person in certain situations.
  • This is usually when the person has been assessed as lacking the mental capacity to take particular kinds of decision, such as a long term move, or when serious medical treatment may be required.
    It can also apply in Adult Safeguarding enquiries, care reviews, and when someone is being ‘deprived of their liberty’ for their own good.(for example, a person in a care home where it would not be safe for them to be free to leave when they wish)
  • IMCAs find out as much as possible about what the person wants, and make sure that this is taken into account by the professional making the decision
  • IMCAs also ensure that the professionals involved are following the Mental Capacity Act 2005 correctly, to safeguard the person’s rights
  • IMCAs can access the person’s health and social care records to gather information about the person’s care and treatment to use to support the person

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