Getting the best for our clients – February 2015

Please click on either Presentation to see any slides used or Flips for any notes taken from the session on flipcharts (if there isn’t a link, then none available).

Good practice briefings

1. PIP: Getting it right for people with mental health issues. (Presentation / Flips)

2. Right first time: What does a good assessment interview look like? (Presentation / Flips)

3. Hanging on the telephone: How to manage a difficult phone call without pretending you got cut off. (Presentation / Flips / Additional Guide – Call from a client in crisis)

4. Managing the front line: How to say “No! You can’t jump the queue!” (Presentation / Flips)

5. When is a debt enquiry not a debt enquiry? Making sure we know how to make the new contract work. (Presentation / Flips)

6. Would we pass muster? A look at the Quality of Advice criteria in practice. (Presentation / Flips)


A. Is the volunteer experience the best it could be? (Presentation / Flips)

B. What does good supervision look like to you? (Presentation / Flips)

C. If you had £100K to invest in our service what would you spend it on? (Presentation / Flips)

D. Is there a better way of organising the VCC? (Presentation / Flips)

E. What does a good client pathway look like to you? (Presentation / Flips)

F. Influencing and campaigning: from “good” to “great” – what next? (Presentation / Flips)