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Our new partnership with the Learning Zone, Parson Cross

From 14 February 2018, Citizens Advice Sheffield will be offering a service from the library space at the Learning Zone, Parson Cross. This is a good opportunity to work more closely with the complementary services provided by the Library Service, Housing and SOAR, who run the building.

We have been able to do this by relocating the service that has been running from the other end of Wordsworth Avenue. This longstanding service was open every Tuesday but the new service has been changed to a Wednesday make use of the day the library is normally closed.

Our role in securing PIP for up to 220,000 people

The Government announced on 19 January 2018 that it will not be appealing a High Court judgment which will lead to up to 220,000 people being entitled to claim Personal Independence Payment.  This decision is the culmination of four years of advice and legal casework that begin in Sheffield.  We have published a briefing describing our role in securing this outcome.

Not equal: The experiences of Deaf people accessing health and social care in Sheffield

A report, published by Healthwatch Sheffield, in partnership with Disability Sheffield and Citizens Advice Sheffield, after carrying out an investigation into the experiences of Deaf people accessing health and social care services in the city was released on 9 January 2018.

The report arises from concerns identified by Citizens Advice Sheffield, and from subsequent investigations in which we have been an active partner.  Sharon Hirshman and staff and volunteers from our Deaf Advice Team have been closely involved with this work.  The report makes important recommendations which we very much hope the local NHS will act upon.

Insecure employment Report

Citizens Advice Sheffield have published a report arising from interviews with clients about “Insecure employment” – see attached copy.  This work has been undertaken by the research and campaigns team – Frances, Tim, Kate and Shaun in particular, assisted by a postgraduate student, Richard Pearson, who interviewed the clients.

Millions ‘trapped’ in low pay work

Yorkshire Post, 19/10/2017, Lindsay Pantry

Researchers on behalf of the Social Mobility Commission tracked individuals’ pay over ten years and found low pay is “endemic” in the UK, with little progress in the numbers of people managing to escape from poorly paid jobs.